Solid fuel thermostat

Fireplace regulators are in action for heaters powered by wood, briquette or coal. The solid fuel thermostats allow a limitation of the exhaust gas temperature; combustion time control to achieve a consistent heat output. These regulators are also being used to control the room air temperature and are suitable for heaters with water storages to regulate the hot water temperature.

For temperature detection we use sensor systems of stainless steel or copper.

The bimetal regulator works by the radiant heat of the oven and is only used for ambient air temperature control and goes without sensor system.

Cover plates in various sizes and designs (circular, square or rectangular) and levers at almost any desired length are available for the air supply regulation. All fireplace regulators can also be created as manual controllers without sensor system.

Our solid fuel thermostats are manufactured according to customer requirements, for your inquiry please see assigned data sheets.

betaetigung vorne 1 - Solid Fuel Thermostat
betaetigung seitlich 1 - Solid Fuel Thermostat
rathgeber betaetigung hinten - Solid Fuel Thermostat
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rathgeber bimetallvariante - Solid Fuel Thermostat


  • Slow combustion stoves
  • Fireplaces and -inserts
  • Cooking stoves
  • Heating ovens
  • And other applications with control by air supply


  • Temperature range from 20 °C to 320 °C to your desire
  • Capillary tube and sensor in copper or stainless steel
  • Capillary tube length up to 3500 mm
  • Sensor in different diameters and profiles
  • RoHS-Complaint