Type RAC

Three-phase electromechanical temperature controller (TR) or temperature limiter (TW) in combination with a safety temperature limiter (STB). For temperatures up to 350 °C. The reset of the STB after action has to be done manually. Contrary to the TR / TW, the STB is self-safety, that means a capillary tube break or a leak in the sensor system will cause the contacts to open. The combi controller is calibrated for an ambient temperature of 23 °C at the switching head and capillary tube.

rathgeber enec - Type RAC
rathgeber dve - Type RAC
rathgeber ce - Type RAC
rathgeber 174009a RAC 1 - Type RAC
rathgeber 174009a RAC Oben - Type RAC
rathgeber 174009a RAC Seite - Type RAC


  • Hot water storage
  • Auxiliary heating for solar systems or heat pumps
  • And other applications with the requirement for a temperature-dependent corresponding switching


  • switching cycles at nominal load TR/TW up to 100.000; STB up to 500
  • Certified by EN 60730-1/2-9
  • Three pole, switch off, 24…400V AC (20A)
  • Switch off temp up to 350 °C
  • Calibrated for ambient temperature 23 °C
  • Capillary tube and sensor in copper or stainless steel
  • Capillary tube length from 300 mm to 3500 mm
  • Protective tube for capillary, length by choice
  • Sensor in different diameters and profiles
  • TR/TW – operation type 1.B approved by EN 60730-1/2-9
  • STB – operation type 2.B.H.K.L approved by EN 60730-1/2-9
  • RoHS-Complaint

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